Shivam Baranwal

About Shivam Baranwal

  • Academic Level Degree Bachelor
  • Gender Male


I am a standards-driven person who always takes responsibility for my actions. Over the years I have worked hard to improve my skills and also gain experience in areas that I feel will be a strong match for the values. I will provide excellent client service; I will be a supportive team member and I will always put the objectives of the organization at the heart of everything I do. I am a good communicator and I understand the importance of building long-term relationships both with work colleagues, external stakeholders, and clients.



  • 2021 - 2021
    Indian Institute of Technology, Kanpur

    Machine Learning Summer Research Internship, IIT Kanpur

    We worked on a research problem - Divorce Prediction using ML. We applied standard as well as ensemble learning algorithms and got an accuracy of 98.24% on the dataset and at the end went on to publish a research paper.